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About Bečej

51 km from Novi Sad lays the city of Becej in the heart of Vojvodina province. Back in 13th century Becej Hungarian castle was located on the island of the river Tisa. It was taken by Turks in 1551 and after the peace treaty of Carlowitz in 1669 when the river Tisa became a frontier between Habsburg and the Ottoman Empires was reformed as a Serb military camp and named Becej. When the border was established in 1749 Becej became a seat of a privileged district, which enabled it to develop faster.

Most of important monuments lay on the cities principal square popularly called “Pogaca” (popular round bread). On the west side its three building are joined together. The first one from the left is the Becej Town Hall with the obligatory tower built in 1884. Next to it is endowment of Baroness Eufemija Jovic.


Facing these buildings stands the Orthodox Church with its three towers. The church was built from 1851- 1858 on the place of the older church that was burned down in the clashes of 1848. The iconostasis was carved by Viennese masters while the paintings where painted by the famous Uros Predic in 1889.Next to the church lays the building of the Serb primary school dating back to 1861. On the north side of the square stands the Roman-catholic church from 1830.it was also damaged in the clashes of 1848 it was restored 1875.Inside are two large paintings by well-known Hungarian painter Ferenc Tan Mor (Becej born artist). By the temple lays the "Yellow well" named after the color of its hot thermal water. South side of the town is occupied by three nice buildings: Potiska Savings Bank building, office of the Eiffel Company and house of one time town land lord Bogdan Dundjerski. The town museum is well known for its archeological collection and the art gallery contains works of art of 19 century - both Hungarian and Serbian painters.

There is a great choice of local coffee shops and restaurants in the city waiting for you to explore.

Becej lays on the bank of the river Tisa and Becej's south side is closed by the Danube-Tisa-Danube canal where you can visit construction from the beginning of the 20 c protected as a technical monument work of famous French structural engineer Alexandre Gustave Eiffel. On the 14th km of Becej- Subotica road lays the "Fantast" the most famous castle of Landowner Bogdan Dundjerski one of the richest men among the Serbs in the 19th c. who lived in Becej.

Castle "Fantast" was built on the large 65 acres nicely kept estate with scattered lakes and small wooded areas. Horse riding estate in the past had more than 1400 horses and now still offers horse renting as well as horse riding school. Wide range of fishing and hunting resorts as well as bird watching and cycling excursions are available in nearby from our town area.